Greetings from our Presiding Bishop

This Eleventh Annual Pentecost of The Way of Salvation Fellowship provides an exciting opportunity for the Body of Christ. This year has been a year of transition as the Way of Salvation Fellowship has released some members to the loving care of our heavenly Father. And, while there have been challenges, our Father is Faithful and He continues to bless the Way of Salvation Fellowship.

I urge all members to fully participate in Pentecost 2018 and to come to each service with an expectation of a new beginning. With this in mind, I am reminded one of the greatest disciples, Peter, who despite many challenges, developed unto a powerful leader. Consider for example, Peter, originally named Simon, was an uneducated fisherman, who was rash and impulsive, yet despite these limitations, he attracted the attention of Jesus because of his passion and because of his devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Further, when many think of Peter they only recall his weaknesses such as the time that Peter cut off the ear of Malchus, the servant of the High Priest when the guards went to arrest Jesus just before the crucifixion (Mt 26:51-54) Or, perhaps, they recall Peter’s lapse in judgment when he denied his association with the Lord after Jesus had been arrested.

However, despite Peter’s many examples of shortcomings, his life is a testament to how God uses our weaknesses when we yield them to Him. In the Book of Acts, Peter and the remaining disciples WAITED until the day of PENTECOST had fully come. Under the authority of the Holy Ghost, Peter boldly proclaimed the teachings of Christ with such determination until he was able to usher in the FIRE of the Holy Ghost which fell upon the believers an evidenced by their speaking in unknown tongues. Through this experience Peter and the believers encountered a New Beginning.

While this is but one of many examples of how God created new beginnings in the life of his faithful followers, embrace this example as a testament to what God has in store for Pentecost 2018. I implore all members to look up and reach out and to expect Pentecost 2018 to yield a New Beginning for your spiritual life. Allow this restoration to transcend through the entire Fellowship and watch the unfolding of miracles, healing, restoration and a total transformation to a NEW BEGINNING.



Yours in Christ, Bishop Willie Sanders, Sr., DD